“Hello darkness my old friend“

“... I've come to talk with you again“ - Simon and Garfunkel Strength. How long can we endure pain before it's destroying us? How do we know which decision the right one is? Can we even decide whether something is right or wrong? [...] Does happiness even exist or is it just an illusion? I... Continue Reading →



I just want summertime to come back.. Miss the time in Croatia, the sunsets were.so beautiful (see the photo). All photos by Angie W. (Camera: Canon EOS 300)

The creation of an unusual chair

At first sight, it looks like an ordinary chair - but if you take a closer look, you can see that it's more than just a simple furniture... The project started with the concept "create an extraordinary chair - let your creativity take its own course". If you google "unusual chairs" you will find various... Continue Reading →

GOLD EDITION || Youtube Video

It took me sooo damn long to upload this. I really don't know why youtube needs almost 9 hours for uploading a 16min video. Anyways, it's finally up now and I'm absolutely proud of it. I wanted to upload it on before the Beginning of 2018 but somehow my plans didn't really work out. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Let’s get started

Yep, what you see is a screenshot of a video. And guess what? It's going to be the first video on my Youtube Channel. A tutorial for a New Year's Eve Makeup Look. I'm pretty excited - the first video oh god. But let's hope the best for it. Maybe someone will come across it... Continue Reading →

Breaking into pieces

I guess everbody knows that kind of feeling: You feel broken, exhausted, devastated, weak, depressed, etc. It's normal - everyone has up-n-down's. It's just life. That's the way it is. But of course, if your feelings aren't going away for quite long time then it's no good - obviously. We all have different ways of... Continue Reading →

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