Concert: “Hurts“ live at Gasometer

Yesterday, the 27.11.17, I had the chance to see Hurts live in Vienna. It was an absolutely amazing event.
I have been a huge fan of them for years now – that’s why I had gotten myself a ticket to see them in the Gasometer yesterday.

How I got into their music / My thoughts on their albums

First of all, I want to tell you why I like their music so much. I guess you all now the track “Wonderful Life“ – well, that’s were everything started. I do exactly remember the day when I got the “Bravo Hits 2010“ CD, where the song was number one on the second disk. The CD was the present my parents had gotten me for my birthday. I turnt on the CD-player, put it in and couldn’t stop listening to this song – it’s so damn catchy, so melodic.
Later on, I bought their first album “Happiness“ which is full of emotions. All those songs on it are fantastic. I have never ever heard something like this before – the band has its own style and that’s totally great.
In 2012, their second album “Exile“ was released. Of course, I had to get my hands on it, so I went to the store and bought it. And again, I was impressed by their unique songs.
The next album “Surrender“ got into the music stores in 2015. I was overwhelmed. For me, it’s a masterpiece. The songs just have so much passion.
And now we’ve got the year 2017 with a new Hurts album – “Desire“. To be honest, I was a little bit shocked at the begining. I thought it was going to be another album with the same kind of “feelings“ in the songs but it’s very different. There is so much happiness in it. It just makes you want to jump up and dance around like there’s no tomorrow. Again, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson have created a wonderful album.



The concert

It’s been the first time for me at the Gasometer – but the venue is very cool. There was another band performing, I think they’re called “Please Madame“. They did a great job, they just sound good live and there was a lot of action going on.
And then, the headliner, Hurts, went on stage. Oh what should I say? Their performance was on fleek, the lightning was beautiful, the sound was clear and amazing, etc. I really don’t know how to describe how overwhelming it was for me. Just go to a concert of them and experience it yourself, it’s just stunning. The interaction with the audience was on point, everthing was great. All in all, it was a great concert. And I had a great person who went there with me (thanks a lot my dear). I guess I will go to another concert of them in the future, because they’re wonderful.

  1. Ready to Go
  2. Some Kind of Heaven
  3. Sunday
  4. Silver Lining
  5. People like Us
  6. Hold on to Me
  7. Miracle
  8. Rolling Stone
  9. Weight of the World
  10. Better than Love
  11. Sandman
  12. Lights
  13. Walk away
  14. Something I Need to Know
  15. Wonderful Life
  16. Nothing Will Be Bigger than Us
  17. Wings

Encore: Beautiful Ones, Stay

My favourite song of each album

  • Happiness: Sunday
  • Exile: Miracle
  • Surrender: Lights
  • Desire: Ready to go


More photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are a fan of Hurts as well, what are your favourite songs of each album?

Photos by Angie W. (Huawei CAM-L21, IPhone6)



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