“Hello darkness my old friend“

“… I’ve come to talk with you again“ – Simon and Garfunkel
Strength. How long can we endure pain before it’s destroying us? How do we know which decision the right one is? Can we even decide whether something is right or wrong? […] Does happiness even exist or is it just an illusion?
I guess there’s no real answer for all of this. This whole case is so damn philosophical.

Life is not just giggling around and laying at beach. It’s also about pain and suffering. Of course, those things are quite depressing, like betrayal, etc. But there does exist a way out of all this sad stuff. Leave all those bad thoughts and experiences behind. Everyone deserves to be happy. And if you’re feeling like a bird in a cage, it’s time to break the lock and fly away.
All photos by Angie W. (Camera: Canon EOS 1300D)


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