Hi there! My name is Angie, I’m from that little country underneath Germany and the Czech Republic called Austria.

So now I guess you want to know some things about me, right?

Alright, my hobbies include drawing, listening to music, (I used to worship my favourite band member in my teen years but that’s another story..), playing guitar, taking pictures, and so on… (probably don’t know what else I’m spending my time on except studying boring things for school)

Here are some of my favourite artists at the moment:

Pink Floyd, Killing Joke, Peter Frampton, Hurts, Rory Gallagher, Stray Cats, Go Go Berlin, Metallica, Dire Straits, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Gary Moore, Johnny Cash, Chris Rea, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Magic [Boris Bukowiski], Scorpions, AC/DC, Arctic Monkeys, SAHB, Kill It Kid, …

And of course, here are my favourite axe-men:

Geordie Walker, Mark Knopfler, Christian Vium, Brian Setzer, Rory Gallagher, Major Heuser, Robby Musenbichler, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, David Gilmour, Angus Young, Matthias Jabs…

Well, what about my future plans?

I am attending a secondary academic school (it’s basically like a college) where you have to choose a faculty. Mine is art (music would have also ben available but for me it’d be horrible if I got a mark on my guitar-playing style). It’s my last year and to be honest I’m very nervous because I don’t really know what I should do next. But one thing I know is that I don’t want to go to university straight after this school. First of all, I want to find my own way and figure out what I’m really up to before I dig right into something. During this time, I am going to make my lorry-driving licence and a mobile crane licence (my father has got a own company so why not?) I’ll update this when I know what I’m exactly doing with my future.

Why art?

I don’t really know, I just like drawing and painting. Unfortunately, I lost my whole motivation due to my school (we’re just doing boring things even though I’m in the art class..) But I found another way to support my creativity – I got really good at doing make-up, at least everyone of friends wants me to do theirs. Maybe I’m going to upload some paintings or pictures if I’m in the mood.

What are my current projects?

Alright, I’m trying to make some videos on youtube. I have tried it before but I only uploaded 2 videos of me singing. Now I want to expand my horizon – I have learned so many things, like taking good photographs, doing amazing make up, etc. I don’t know if anyone will ever watch my videos but I would be totally glad if some people watched them.

I’m mostly going to be active on here or Instagram, so stay tuned! My posts will include some background stories of my videos, pictures of nature, make up, etc.


If you want to know anything else just go ahead and leave a message in my askbox. Questions are always welcome. See ye!



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